About Fit’n’Flash

Welcome to Fit’n’Flash

We are a 100% family owned company since 2006 and we pride ourselves in providing Australian Pets with a healthy, natural, nutritious diet. We initially launched our Australian 100% natural treats to Veterinary Clinics and Pet Stores throughout Australia where we found that natural, human quality food was exactly what Dog and Cat owners ( not to mention the dogs and cats!!) were after. Our high protein, low fat treats are popular with healthy pets through to those that suffer from food allergies and intolerances. Understanding the range of needs our animals have is why we have recently launched the Fit’n’Flash premium dog food range, which is designed for keeping healthy dogs in good shape and also for the many dogs in Australia that are suffering allergies, intolerances and general food sensitivities.

What We are About

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We aim to provide high quality, nutrient dense and highly digestible natural food for your best friend. We source the healthiest food products available and we understand the delicate balance of your dog’s diet – essential to the health and enjoyment of their day to day lives. In our treats we only include Australian fresh meat. In our food we include Australian fresh meat, fish and farm selected locally grown fruit and vegetables.  Add to this, all the necessary vitamins and minerals to provide your dog with complete and balanced nutrition. Our premium food range is designed to provide healthy dogs with the best possible diet and those dogs with allergies, intolerances and digestive issues the best possible food to ensure their wellbeing.

Quality of our products

The Quality of our dog kibble is second to none.

We trust you will find a product that your dog or cat will love.